The Grace Space

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Our Mission
bringing health and wellness to neighborhoods that are often overlooked.
Our Founders


An Inglewood based fitness trainer, Claudine is passionate about access & equity in the wellness space. That passion motivated her to create “Free Community Workouts.” The free outdoor workout program was held at Darby Park for five years without pause.

Amidst the global pandemic, Claudine Cooper continued to teach free classes at the park and online. Through her selfless display of passion and consistency, she built a dedicated community of wellness enthusiasts.

Check out her workouts on Instagram, Facebook, or IN REAL LIFE at The Grace Space. As co-founder, Claudine brings her special sauce to The Grace Space. 25 years of professional experience, lots of life lessons, and an unwavering commitment to her neighborhood.


Marisa Johnson has been on a journey of body acceptance. She has always found discomfort and insecurities within herself, which ultimately created a blockage to true self love. Once she fell in love with fitness and healthy eating, she discovered the missing piece; instead of exercising for others, she focused on exercising for herself and gave herself grace.

With a deep understanding of self awareness and healing, she took it upon herself to learn natural healing practices through stillness, herbs, high quality foods and fasting practices. Marisa Johnson has been on a journey of body acceptance.

Why we started Grace Space?

We Believe In

We encourage our community to embrace overall wellness by first practicing grace. The Grace Space is a place where we set aside the burdens of the world and come together collectively